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Review: Masayuki Imanishi – Tone

Bubbles and hums of laboratory-bound microscopic observation.

Review: Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – Beautiful Pigs, Disgusting Humans

Cramped spaces of perspirant slime and dismal weather.

Review: Angelina Yershova – Piano’s Abyss

The piano enters various states of solidity/liquidity/vaporosity.

Review: Lasse-Marc Riek – Schwarm

A small German town finds itself fogged by the incessant din of the flight corridor.

Review: Ned Milligan – Continental Burns

One half the ambience of eroded memory / one half the drones of vacated memory.

Review: Kyoka – SH

Exquisite electro-synthesis embedded within the bedlam of the present tense.

Review: M. Ostermeier – Tiny Birds

Gentle sways of piano, interspersed with the rustles and hums of a world at resting state.

Review: Aires – Fantasmas

The drones of eternal change and digital living.

Review: Clara Engel – Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss

Blossoms of slow-motion blues; an exorcism of grave truth.

Review: Cello & Laptop – Transient Accidents

Losing the sound of bowed strings to ego dispersal and endless cascades of consequence.