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Review: Delusi – Cataclysmia

A turbulent prophetic gateway into the claustrophobia of digital living.

Review: Kemper Norton – To Mahina

A re-interpretation of “Mahina” by The Doomed Birds Of Providence, and a hazy recount of the 1899 cyclone of the same name.

Review: Bruno Bavota – The Secret Of The Sea

Piano and guitar capture fading memories of modern romance, in a new record on Psychonavigation.

Review: Diane Cluck – Boneset

Folk songs cast across fluctuating ribbons of thought, and Cluck’s first album in seven years.

Review: Noxagt – Brutage

Dirt and lurch from the point of absolute termination.

Review: The Bongoloids feat. The Xanadu Sound – Fig. 10

Incoherence and amnesiac transitions on ShanGORIL la records.

Review: Francisco López – Presque Tout (Quiet Pieces: 1997 – 2013)

A seven-hour collection recorded over the past 20 years, and a tour across the perimeter of audibility.

Review: Nicolas Wise + mise_en_scene – Introjection

A file-swapping collaboration paints the point at which the digital leaks over the corporeal.

Review: Mortal Morning – The Lost Line

Michael Gardiner presents an EP comprised entirely of train sounds, reshaping familiar form until only essence remains.

Review: Eric Thielemans – Sprang

Clumsy steps and deep listening, in a new percussive workout on Miasmah.