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Review: Roberto Opalio – Aurōra Coelestis

Glockenspiel as liquid and spinning top, in a vinyl release by one half of My Cat Is An Alien.

Review: Sloath – Deep Mountain

Riff gluttony and guitar noise from Brighton.

Review: The Thomas Family – Dub Variations

Suspended meaning via modular synth and Hong Kong field recordings, in the debut record of the Crow Versus Crow label.

Review: Michel Banabila + Oene Van Geel – Music For Viola And Electronics

An enveloping negotiation between clifftop storms and watercolour architecture.

Review: Nick Storring – Gardens

A multi-tracked machine of pulleys and winches, swaying between the elegant and the ungainly.

Review: Chris Strickland – Animal Expert

One hour of extreme contrast and magnified objects, as Strickland’s collages terraform my own living room to suit themselves.

Review: Vicious Circus – Troglodytes Troglodytes

What happens when two eccentric improvisers are holed up in eachother’s company for too long?

Review: Cestine – Level

Billowing and shapeless drones from Dominic Coppola and Theodore Schaefer.

Review: Giacomo Fiore – IV: American Electric Guitars

The guitar falls under external command of four U.S. composers, detaching the instrument from its predominant connections to performer habit and reflex.

Review: Rutger Zuydervelt – Stay Tuned

Zuydervelt expands upon the moment that an orchestra gets in tune, stretching it across 50 minutes and over 150 collaborators.