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Review: Ship Canal + Lenina + Splashy The Blame-Shifter – Bourgeois Kerb Stomp

A three-way cassette split on Herhalen, or a disturbing and assaultive psychological examination?

Review: Memory Drawings – There Is No Perfect Place

Dulcimer, violin and guitar mesh to form a pastoral music box, released on Hibernate.

Review: Francesco Giannico – Litania

Streams of synthesisers, pianos and gathered experiences illuminate the dialogue between everything.

Review: Andrea Carri – Chronos

The young Italian pianist lingers within buds of memory and intimacy.

Review: Fujako – Soul Buzz

Crushed matter and dub, in a swift six-track EP on Ångstrom.

Review: Big Brother On Acid – S/T

Irresistible dancefloor climax and thought liquidisation, in an incessant and bunged up electronic debut.

Review: Hildur Guðnadóttir – Saman

Quiet observations of resonance and axis, sent wafting into emptiness from voice, cello and piano.

Review: Dead Neanderthals + Machinefabriek – DNMF

Solitary ideas rendered limitless, as a sax/drums duo aligns with volatile electronics.

Review: Origami Galaktika – One

Water, stillness and arboreal ceremony, in a new record by Benny Braaten.

Review: Death Shanties – Crabs

Spittle, heat and sweat, coagulating between Sybren Renema (saxophone), Alex Neilson (drums) and Lucy Stein (visuals).