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Review: Bird People + Waterflower – Split

Tension turned to slack; restless drone feeds into semi-conscious song.

Review: Möström – We Speak Whale

Boundlessness and bonelessness; a record of woodwind, squelchy electronics and colliding flavour contrasts.

Review: Duane Pitre – Bayou Electric

History hovers unseen amidst a new 48-minute piece.

Review: Kenneth Kirschner – Compressions & Rarefactions

Endlessness and restlessness: six hours of toeing the tightrope of drone.

Review: Michael Hix – Aeon

Framed tranquility from NYC; smiling cadences and semi-slumber.

Review: Lu Katavist – Inburst

Microtonal slants and states of panic, in a curious improvisatory electronic work by Luka Höfler.

Review: Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss

A whirlpool of the surreal and the corporeal; ambient light glinting within distortion filth.

Review: Zeno Van Den Broek – Divergence

Electronic noise presented in various states of time and translucency, overlain and intersected.

Review: Erik Bünger + Jan-Filip Ťupa – The Empire Never Ended

A cello is dragged under the spell of a man speaking in tongues, as composer Erik Bünger plays dangerous games with an old record from 1948.

Review: Fir Cone Children – Everything Is Easy

Carefree fuzz pop and delusional invincibility; 11 tracks in 23 minutes.