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Review: Larkian – Iterations : alterations

Guitar loops blossom into waterfalls of distortion. Insignificant actions act as the foundations for panoramic event.

Review: Eluvium – False Readings On

Choral voices muffled by time erosion; wading through the fog of misremembering.

Review: Three Free Radicals – Diary Of A Left-Handed Sleepwalker

Guitar improvisations arranged into patterns of potential meaning, courtesy of American electroacoustician Scott Miller and Estonian guitarist Mart Soo.

Review: Makemake – From The Earth To The Moon

Prepared guitars in cramped spaces. Part rehearsal space, part unlicensed laboratory of impulse.

Review: Arturas Bumšteinas – Organ Safari Lituanica

Organ improvisations from 20 Lithuanian cities, meticulously arranged and overlain.

Review: Alan Courtis – Crystal Faisa

Two sides, two acoustic scenarios, two onslaughts of sound.

Review: KP Transmission – Temnoe Poznaetsya Chernim

A blurred monochromatic photograph.

Review: Lars Lundehave Hansen – Terminal Velocity

Hurtling through chambers of urgent (yet ambient) sound design.

Review: Wilder Gonzales Agreda – Scala Mega Hertz

Bionic texture and deliberate acts of non-music sabotage.

Review: Klara Lewis – Too

Rhythmic sound design that pulls from the periphery.