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Review: Wet Nurse – Lacrimosa

A slow, writhing catharsis of sadness and psychological toxin.

Review: IX Tab – R.O.C.

Wading through a world of melting voices, electronic radiation and hidden intent.

Review: Ekca Liena – Graduals

The chaos of micro-processes upon a panoramic blanket of stillness, in a new record by the project of Daniel W J Mackenzie.

Review: Yasunao Tone + Talibam! + Sam Kulik – Double Automatism

Bodily re-wiring and improvisation subsumed by the nausea of digi-corruption.

Review: Pauline Oliveros + Timothy Hill + David Rothenberg – Cicada Dream Band

Flirtatious nature and improvisatory curveball, in a dialogue for instruments and animals.

Review: Teresa Winter – Oh Tina, No Tina

Ascending into partial memories, in a new half-hour tape on Reckno.

Review: Dean McPhee – Fatima’s Hand

Self-reflection in solo electric guitar, and a delicate rouse from four years of silence.

Review: Akatombo – Sometime, Never

Paul Thomsen Kirk re-purposes dance music’s infinite return as a purgatory for the dark, the suppressed and the forgotten.

Review: Lotto – Ask The Dust

Gestures I can never know, courtesy of double bass, guitar and drums.

Review: Delphine Dora – Près du coeur sauvage

Songs of fluidity and porosity for piano, voice and the coming and going of memory.