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Review: Spartak – Five Points

A rubik’s cube of tamed mistake and squared-off guitars, as the Australian duo cast an eye in the direction of electronic pop.

Review: Memnon Sa – Citadel

Honour and grace glimmer from within the twilight of demise, in a new doom descent by Misha Hering.

Review: Maybeshewill – Fair Youth

An eruption of catharsis and choreography; vivid memory exploding upon the canvas of rock.

Review: Rattle – EP

11 minutes of drums and vocals in primitive, energising symbiotic balance.

Review: Trans/Human – The (UN)Expected

Pockets of strange ritual occur within oceans of dead air, in a new emission on The Audacious Art Experiment.

Review: Xylouris White – Goats

A rickety collision of Cretan traditional music and rock music, played out by a duo of drums (White) and lute (Xylouris).

Review: Lutine – White Flowers

Naked, symmetrical folk music guided between the ancient and the other.

Review: Ship Canal + Lenina + Splashy The Blame-Shifter – Bourgeois Kerb Stomp

A three-way cassette split on Herhalen, or a disturbing and assaultive psychological examination?

Review: Memory Drawings – There Is No Perfect Place

Dulcimer, violin and guitar mesh to form a pastoral music box, released on Hibernate.

Review: Francesco Giannico – Litania

Streams of synthesisers, pianos and gathered experiences illuminate the dialogue between everything.