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Review: Giant Gutter From Outer Space – Stumm

Bass / drum duo evoking avalanches and stalled mechanics.

Review: VOX SOL – A Place Colder And Brighter Than The Days Of His Youth

Crumpled memory and computer sabotage.

Review: Treyverb – A Year Without Words

Shoegaze guitars and charming repetition, lifted into idle and idyllic clouds of thought.

Review: Suplington – Music For Life Cycles (I-VII)

Pulsation, arpeggiation, reconfiguration.

Review: France Jobin – Singulum

Billowing sound and memories mid-formation.

Review: Le Revelateur – Hyper

A labyrinth of digital gateways and three-dimensional synthesis.

Review: Various Artists – This Is Kologo Power!

An exquisite collection of Ghanaian kologo music.

Review: Genus Inkasso – Odd Little Gestures

A strange spool of sound and manipulation, threaded together without the obstruction of self-analysis.

Review: Mars-96 – Live At Dada

21 minutes of bitter noise-rock disputes from Russia.

Review: Himukalt – Conditions Of Acrimony

Noise and claustrophobia; sound as analogue husk and failed execution.