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Review: Forresta – Bass, Space & Time

Eternity plays host to the minuscule, in an album for bass guitar and electronics.

Review: Lorenzo Balloni – 創生の最果て

Tangents of memory and blurry fidelity, in a new half-hour composition on Murmur.

Review: Ben Vida – Damaged Particulates

Digestive rewiring and sonorous felt, in two vivid synthesiser works on Shelter Press.

Review: Various Artists – Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol 1: O Trabalho

Ten Portuguese artists reframe the sounds of their country’s tradition, in a new compilation series on Discrepant.

Review: Num.Lock – ##1 Versions

Negative exposure and metronomic techno congealment, in a collection of remixes of Num.Lock’s ##1 EP.

Review: Sean McCann – Music For Public Ensemble

Sounds drawn to me and sounds drawn to eachother, in a collaboration between 35 musicians and singers.

Review: Sarah Hennies + Cristián Alvear – Orienting Response

Imperfect action (acoustic guitar) encircles the exactitude of conceptual premise (composition).

Review: Moon Relay – Full Stop Etc.

Multi-faceted rock that refuses to reconcile.

Review: All Trees Are Clocks – S/T

Cello and voice engage in quiet interplay with the sounds of the New Forest, in an understated observation of an ecosystem in decline.

Review: Kristof Hahn – Solo Etudes I

Oxygen exhaustion and Americana twang, courtesy of the lap-steel / guitarist of Swans.