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Review: Kostis Kilymis – Bethnal Greener

Audio specimens nudged with the back of a scalpel.

Review: Dead Rat Orchestra – Tyburnia

In their own words, “a radical history of 600 years of public execution”.

Review: Xu(e) – Brown Jenkin

Conjured drones, repetition and the stale air of ill deeds.

Review: Richard Garet – Meta

A sculpture in ode to sensory neglect and ill judgement.

Review: DunningWebsterUnderwood – Bleed

Squashed inside a sauna of sax, tuba and turntable.

Review: Martijn Tellinga – Positions

Space navigates sound and vice versa; trombones and basses command attention and cast it away.

Review: Rin Larping – STRATUM

Strange gestures for woodwind and stringed instruments, dwelled upon in the name of lone spiritual pursuit.

Review: Visionist – Safe

Body and mind undergo dispersal and attempted reassembly.

Review: Periskop – Immerse

An 80-minute techno piece subjected to the muffle and rumble of oceanic obfuscation.

Review: Ben Gwilliam – breakdownspedup

Dictaphones left in freezers to die.