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Review: Juan Carlos Vasquez – Collages

Sonic portraits of several classical composers, digitally bloomed from solo performances of their original works.

Review: Infinite Particles – The Great Common Task

Improvised drones from Reading, residing in the gap between solid objects.

Review: Reagan’s Polyp – America Needs More Ass

A blown raspberry atop a premise of pure punk, originally released in 2001.

Review: Seth Cluett – Forms Of Forgetting

Forgetting as a device of movement and replacement, in a mutative hanging sculpture of tone and rounded feedback.

Review: Blakkr Nið – Holy Hellfire

Tranquility engulfed in heat and light, in a fleeting 3-track EP by Peter McNestry.

Review: Osman Arabi – Destroying Symmetry

A one-take document of subconscious guitar improvisation on The Tapeworm.

Review: Loren Chasse – Characters At The Water Margin

A documented dialogue of the meeting point between ocean, river and rainforest.

Review: ZED aka Bernard Szajner – Visions Of Dune

A drift down the mesmeric synthesiser cylinder of inward thought and physical limitation, reissued from 1979.

Review: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project – 17 Years In Ektachrome

Dead dictaphones and limp movement, in a 50-minute drift through the musique concrete purgatory.

Review: John Kannenberg – A Sound Map Of The Art Institute Of Chicago

Art and architecture become fluid in the vehicle of human conversation and footsteps, as Kannenberg paints the institute like a vivid recent memory.