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Review: Mike Caratti + Rachel Musson + Steve Beresford – Hesitantly Pleasant

Drums, piano, saxophone. Stagger and stumble built from deft improvisatory choreography.

Review: Luna + Tarnovski – S/T

Members of Baba Vanga and Gurun Gurun. Listeners in slumber.

Review: As Above | So Below – The Unassumed

Freewheeling improvisatory duet between oud (Tamara Rayan) and banjitar (Andrij Radio).

Review: Scot Ray + Vicki Ray – Yar

Sibling improvisation for prepared piano and slide guitar.

Review: Stef Ketteringham – More Guitar Arrangements

The scrambles and spasms of body music. Guitar, voice, bass drum, four-track.

Review: Quimper – Wake Up Gastone

Microbial flow, soft electronics, candlelit privacy. We probably shouldn’t be talking about it.

Review: Stoscha – Klink

A shapeshifting, time-warped electronic music compilation from the Stoscha label.

Review: Mike Majkowski – Days And Other Days

Materials I recognise, all behaving in ways I don’t understand.

Review: Nac/Hut Report – Grey Zone Collapse Nostalgia

Dismal, crumbling optimism from the Polish duo of Brigitte Roussel and Li/ese/Li.

Review: Broken Thoughts – Realign

A dreaded electronic awakening. Half-thoughts rolling off the edge of an ellipsis.