Interview: Byron Westbrook

Photo by Aviva Rubin

Interview: Lucia H Chung


Crucial Listening #9: Pete Simonelli

Photo by Carsten Klindt.

Interview: Rotten Bliss

Photo by Emma Nathan

Review: Cavalier Song – A Deep Well

Terrible prescience, inexorable movement, uneven roads.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 9 (26/09/2017)

Anna and Kristina of the Stoscha label join ATTN for an interview and playlist. Also: a selection of pieces and stories centred on the voice.


A corroded engine of dub and noise, bursting beyond its hapless physical confines.

Interview: Leafcutter John

Ahead of his appearance at Unconscious Archives, the London-based artist discusses the intricacies of contact mic creation and the percussive symphonies of the Norfolk coast.

Crucial Listening #8: Jessica Moss

Concerto storytelling, iso-polyphony, ensembles of weirdos. The Montreal-based violinist picks three important albums.

Review: Starving Poet – Eradicate Ex Machina

Scrunched up techno, visceral altitudes. The death of thinking straight.

Interview: Haco

The Japanese composer discusses nature, see-through voices and new album “Qoosui”.

Review: Ben Zucker – o ur gab

Mouth as gatekeeper, vessel, non-articulator. A vocal record upon which the voice is deliberately absent.

Review: Bosaina – New York April – July 2013 / Two Names Upon The Shore

The mess of life and cinematic narratives.

Interview: Anji Cheung

With the release of her new “Spirit As Creature” cassette on Utech, the London-based sound artist discusses trapped energy, circadian rhythm and flecks of gold.