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Crucial Listening #71: Sarah Feldman

12 seconds of Stockhausen, high-altitude Frank Ocean, the brilliance of SOPHIE. The Vancouver-based composer and music educator discusses three important albums.

Review: ex.sses – RELIC

A lattice of paradoxes. No-directional black hole rhythms.

Crucial Listening #70: Paul Nataraj

Sitting in a room, Hip Hop Connections, looking for a breadfruit tree. The Blackburn-based artist, radio DJ, podcast producer and lecturer discusses three important albums.

Review: Chloe Yu Nong Lin – Pi Sound 琶聲

An improvised pipa duet between present and past selves, lightly adorned with electronic patching.

Crucial Listening #69: Pisitakun

Releasing your giant, rural music in the city, stealing the cat from the temple. The Bangkok-based artist discusses three important albums.

Review: Aloïs Yang – MLMC Live At Punctum

Water, feedback, cycles, sound, reflection, complexity, etcetera.

Review: Divide And Dissolve – Gas Lit

Gigantic summonings for guitar and drums.

Review: Rhonda Taylor – AFTERPARTY

Augmented improvisations for saxophone at voice. The definitive shedding of the past / the acquisition of an unknown state of being.

Crucial Listening #68: Senyawa

Invocations for judgement and destruction, sons of nature, reimagining the music of Indonesia. Wukir Suryadi and Rully Shabara discuss three important albums.

Review: Holy Similaun – Ansatz

Violence sprouting from a ravaged metropolis.