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Review: Rhonda Taylor – AFTERPARTY

Augmented improvisations for saxophone at voice. The definitive shedding of the past / the acquisition of an unknown state of being.

Crucial Listening #68: Senyawa

Invocations for judgement and destruction, sons of nature, reimagining the music of Indonesia. Wukir Suryadi and Rully Shabara discuss three important albums.

Review: Holy Similaun – Ansatz

Violence sprouting from a ravaged metropolis.

Review: Jen Kutler – Sonified Physiological Indicators Of Empathy

Bursts of violence / jolts of compassion.

Review: Mira Martin-Gray – Stick Control For The Air Drummer

Perfectly-executed snare drum drills via MIDI data and 808s.

Crucial Listening #67: Daniel Menche

Battling the beast of boredom, choosing the bloodstream over the live stream, being cooler than Santa Claus. The Portland-based abstract sound musician discusses three important albums.

ATTN: Favourites Of 2020

A selection of ATTN’s favourite albums this year.

Crucial Listening #66: Laura Luna Castillo

Ethereal spatiality, appropriated memories of home, millennial mythos. The multimedia artist from Mexico discusses three important albums.

Review: Cecilia Lopez + Wenchi Lazo – BISPONIBLE

Rolling around the coloured dyes of trial and error.

Review: Dagmar Gertot – Os Lacrimale

Ritualistic history, via the shapeshifting renewal of improvisation.