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Crucial Listening #56: Steve Von Till

Volcanic psychedelia, flanger sweep obsessions, monuments in the mountains. The musician, poet and teacher discusses three important albums.

Review: ssabæ – Fractal Archipelago

Drones, jittering microsound, contradictory modes of time.

Review: Tatsuya Nakatani + Rhonda Taylor – City Of Rocks

Giddy tilts on the American Southwest. Improvisations for percussion and saxophone.

Crucial Listening #55: Claire Rousay

Listening to assholes, inner/outer presentations of self, power chords over trap beats. The Texas-based artist discusses three important albums.

Review: Strangerous – Death By Anticipation

Repetition wielded as adhesive-by-force.

Review: Jiyeon Kim – Long Decay And New Earth

Piano, cassette, sampler, ambiguity, transit.

Review: Suren Seneviratne – blue thirty-five

MIDI instruments and circuit-bent interruption, courtesy of the composer behind My Panda Shall Fly.

Crucial Listening #54: Lea Bertucci

Excursions into outer jazz, marbles against metal, empty Tokyo streets. The New York composer, performer and sound designer discusses three important albums.

Review: Aidan Baker – Soil

Signal and noise slide down the slope of decay.

Review: Sofía Salvo + Gustavo Obligado + Marcelo von Schultz – MOTOR

Rickety improvisations for two saxes and drums.