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Crucial Listening #57: J. Zunz

Fearless four-track improvisations, spiritual jazz recurrence, manipulations of passing time. Lorena Quintanilla discusses three important albums.

Review: Amnertia – Scheiner’s Observation

Seven pieces of scrunched-up time.
Guitar shards, blown-out drum machines and processed poetry.

Feature: Delete Your Spotify Account

How streaming services strip artists of value and identity.

Review: Pink Room + SEPL – Transition

The blur of obliteration and assembly. A 30-minute synthesiser collage by Thierry Arnal and Sophie Jeannin.

Review: Ai Aso – The Faintest Hint

Minimalist pop hung carefully upon silence.

Review: Eve Maret – Stars Aligned

Electronic dazzle and fragile unity.

Review: Atte Elias Kantonen – Studies In Audio Fabrics

Exercises in sonic tactility, generated on an array of analogue synthesisers.

Crucial Listening #56: Steve Von Till

Volcanic psychedelia, flanger sweep obsessions, monuments in the mountains. The musician, poet and teacher discusses three important albums.

Review: ssabæ – Fractal Archipelago

Drones, jittering microsound, contradictory modes of time.

Review: Tatsuya Nakatani + Rhonda Taylor – City Of Rocks

Giddy tilts on the American Southwest. Improvisations for percussion and saxophone.