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Event: Knifedoutofexistence + Fleshlicker + VIIOFIX + Viimeinen + Upward @ Otto Print & Coffee House in Bournemouth, 02/11/2021

ATTN and Turlin present a night of noise in Bournemouth, UK.

Screening: Bait @ Otto Print x Coffee House in Bournemouth, 20/02/2020

An intimate screening of Mark Jenkin’s beautiful ode to locality, tradition and cinema.

Event: Good Weather For An Airstrike + Minus Pilots + Upward @ OTTO Print x Coffee House in Bournemouth, 14/11/2019

ATTN:Magazine and Champion Version present an evening of graceful dispersal.

Event: Clusters + Finglebone + No Context @ The Winchester in Bournemouth, 06/03/2017

ATTN:Magazine and Wimbourne Contemporary Arts present an evening of ambient blurs and murmurs.

Event: en creux (live) + Eliane Radigue – Virtuoso Listening (film) @ The Winchester in Bournemouth, 10/01/2017

ATTN:Magazine presents an evening of sonic reduction.

Event: Tony Conrad – Completely In The Present @ The Winchester in Bournemouth, 09/11/2016

ATTN:Magazine presents an evening celebrating the work of Tony Conrad: artist, filmmaker, minimalist musician, violin-aided manipulator of time and tonality.

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