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Interview: Lotto

Bassist Mike Majkowski discusses stretching time, responding to resonance and new album “VV”.

Crucial Listening #22: Six Organs Of Admittance

Lobster spaceships, unleashing the beast, flying capos. Ben Chasny talks about three albums that informed his Hexadic System.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 15 (27/03/2018)

Monique Recknagel of Berlin-based label Sonic Pieces discusses working with fabric and having intimate collaborative conversations. Also: a selection of pieces centred on the piano.

Interview: My Cat Is An Alien

The Opalio brothers discuss space-time traversal, wordless vocalisation and 360 musical experiences.

Interview: Lauren Tosswill

The Portland-based artist discusses extreme honesty, dragging the microphone and her record “My Home In The Year”.

Crucial Listening #21: Mark Fell

Synth jams in the coal shed, collective escape, drum machine rebellion. The Sheffield-based artist discusses three important albums.

Interview: Chaines

Cee Haines discusses sun-drenched cathedrals, their work alongside the LCO and new album, “The King”.

Interview: Siavash Amini + Matt Finney

A melding of heart and guts. The Iranian sound artist and American vocalist discuss their new collaborative work: “Gospel”.

Interview: Saphy Vong (Chinabot, LAFIDKI)

The Cambodian-born / London-based artist discusses border disputes, the interaction between act and audience, and the first anniversary of the Chinabot platform.

Crucial Listening #20: Julia Wolfe

Glacial orchestras, floaty head voices, critique among friends. The New York composer discusses three important albums.