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Interview: Yen-Tzu Chang

In the second part of our TAIWANESE EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC event preview, media artist Yen-Tzu Chang discusses emotional privacy, her relationship with material and the expression of childhood memories.

Crucial Listening #10: Aaron Turner

Playing with earthlings, bent fretboards, the St Anger challenge. The Washington-based musician discusses three important albums.

Interview: Byron Westbrook

The New York-based musician discusses proto-VR, productive procrastination and new record “Body Consonance”.

Interview: Lucia H Chung

In the first instalment of our TAIWANESE EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC PREVIEW, event organiser Lucia H Chung discusses improvisatory immediacy, no-input feedback and the distance from home.

Crucial Listening #9: Pete Simonelli

Dispatches from space, tuning downward, chasing Coltrane. The Enablers vocalist talks about three important albums.

Interview: Rotten Bliss

Jasmine Pender discusses singing in public, strange voices on the Isle of Barra and new album “The Nightwatchman Sings”.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 9 (26/09/2017)

Anna and Kristina of the Stoscha label join ATTN for an interview and playlist. Also: a selection of pieces and stories centred on the voice.

Interview: Leafcutter John

Ahead of his appearance at Unconscious Archives, the London-based artist discusses the intricacies of contact mic creation and the percussive symphonies of the Norfolk coast.

Crucial Listening #8: Jessica Moss

Concerto storytelling, iso-polyphony, ensembles of weirdos. The Montreal-based violinist picks three important albums.

Interview: Haco

The Japanese composer discusses nature, see-through voices and new album “Qoosui”.