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Ongoing: Moon Relay – IMI

2: A cosmic bus tour through the album’s second track.

Ongoing: Vanessa Tomlinson – The Space Inside

3: My growing intimacy with “Waiting For Solo Bass Drum”.

Ongoing: Fleshlicker – S/T

3: The stops and the starts.

Ongoing: Audrey Chen – Runt Vigor

3: “Heavy In The Hand”, and a yearning for the whole.

Ongoing: Sumac – Love In Shadow

3: Decoding the emotional status of that devastating final track.

Ongoing: Black Spirituals – Black Access/Black Axes

4: The lethargy and emaciation of “Pan”, and how I came to love it.

Ongoing: Laurel Halo – Raw Silk Uncut Wood

4: Learning the winding path of the title track.

Review: Laura Steenberge – Harmonica Fables

Breath via reed and muscle fibre.

Review: Delphine Dora + Sophie Cooper – Divine Ekstasys

Sound as smoke. The unravelling edges of trombone, electronics and voice.

Review: Sidi Touré – Toubalbero

Touré goes electro-acoustic. An ever-renewing Songhaï celebration of forever in the now.