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Review: Phil Maguire – ijzer en staal

Analogic drone design / the chemical dance of iron and steel production.

Review: Derek Piotr – Making And Then Unmaking

Folk tradition and the eternally searching self.

Review: Hannya White – No Preview

Giddy love songs for splayed electronic presets.


Sudden tumbles and harnessed echoes, in a beautiful set of percussive improvisations by Marshall Trammell.

Review: Kumi Takahara – See-through

Fragments of memory and narrative for piano, strings and voice.

Review Machinefabriek – With Drums

40+ drummers in collision.

Review: ex.sses – RELIC

A lattice of paradoxes. No-directional black hole rhythms.

Review: Chloe Yu Nong Lin – Pi Sound 琶聲

An improvised pipa duet between present and past selves, lightly adorned with electronic patching.

Review: Aloïs Yang – MLMC Live At Punctum

Water, feedback, cycles, sound, reflection, complexity, etcetera.

Review: Divide And Dissolve – Gas Lit

Gigantic summonings for guitar and drums.