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Review: Atariame – Completeness

Acoustic songs woven by dream reasoning.

Review: Sex Funeral – Forgotten, hardly written

Time refraction in the basement.

Review: Yiorgis Sakellariou – Nympholepsy

With vocalist Savina Yannatou playing source material, Sakellariou explores the muddling of bodily autonomy and divine influence.

Review: en creux – PHASE

Fierce and fresh no-input improvisations for MXR Phase 90 pedal and a Tapco MIX 260 FX mixer.

Review: Sebastian Maria – L.L.

Experimental electronics as a piping hot thwack, stripped of the mediation of meaning.

Review: Saphileaum – Samosi

Walking upward through the clouds and beyond.

Review: ndr0n – Black

Afonso Proenca employs generative processes to scrutinise the artifice of dance music and social behaviour.


The high and horror of excess.

Review: BIAS – D​.​A. #001 – A​.​D. 2020

Popping open the lid on the Dust Archive.

Review: KP Transmission – Beatrice

A beautiful exploration of obsession and conjecture from Karina Kazaryan.