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Review: Soft Tissue – S/T

A microtwitchy duet between Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins.

Review: Martina Bertoni – All The Ghosts Are Gone

Bringing body and labour back into the act of transformation.

Review: 11min – snow

Gentle circumambulations for piano and drums. A reverent awareness of sonic edges.

Review: Edu Comelles – Still Life

Estranged sounds find unity in disaster.


Zeal and purpose in negative.

Review: Kindohm – Meme Booth

The dancefloor on an ankle-snapping slant.

Review: Nathalie Stern – Nerves And Skin

Bodily circuitry and immutable truth.

Review: Fani Konstantinidou – Winter Trilogy / The Big Fall

Two trilogies. Warm accordion bellows and bustling cities.

Review: J. Pavone String Ensemble – Brick And Mortar

Unity and its deliberate undoing. Two violins, two violas.

Review: Mára – Here Behold Your Own

The emergence of a new self. The shedding of superfluity.