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Review: Terry Jennings – Piece For Cello And Saxophone

An astonishing 84 minutes for solo cello, justly intonated by LaMonte Young.

Review: Beast Nest – Sicko

Misaligned rhythms in fierce sunlight.

Review: Étienne Michelet – SKULL REVELATIONS

Potent epiphany fuel for drums, electronics, guitar and poem, featuring contributions on woodwind from Kim Soo Min.


Self-imposed hardware restraint, sleights of syncopation, exquisite hi-hat tones.

Review: Xena Glas – Body

Fractured focal points and energy in reverse; a reflection on Xena Glas’ lived experience with autism.

Review: Nyokabi Kariũki – peace places: kenyan memories

Collages of homely environment and recollective refraction.

Review: Uraño – BARRAGE

Amplified drums and FX-bloated bass navigating all manner of rhythmic calimities.

Review: Todeskino – Debutante

Lo-fi blemishes upon a neoclassically perfect picture.

Review: MonoLogue – MICRO

A three-part operatic suite channelled through electro-acoustics, released across three different labels.

Review: Phill Niblock – NuDaf

The bassoon of Dafne Vicente-Sandoval is exploded and recombined over and over again.

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