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Review: Mingle – Ephemeral

Strange fog and irrefutable machinery.

Review: Claire M Singer – Fairge

The ocean gathering and receding in my ears, courtesy of organ, cello and electronics. A 20-minute eternity.

Review: TELE.S.THERION – Luzifers Abschied

Acousmatic black metal from Italy, based on Karlheinz Stockhausen’s opera “Licht: die sieben Tage der Woche”.

Review: – Midnight Sun

Another instalment of’s 200-strong archive of filecasts, furthering his documentation of sound, culture and sensory experience.

Review: Fumio Miyashita – Live On The Boffomundo Show

Two live performances from the Japanese psychedelic synthesiser extraordinaire, recorded in 1979 and 1980.

Review: Cavalier Song – A Deep Well

Terrible prescience, inexorable movement, uneven roads.


A corroded engine of dub and noise, bursting beyond its hapless physical confines.

Review: Starving Poet – Eradicate Ex Machina

Scrunched up techno, visceral altitudes. The death of thinking straight.

Review: Ben Zucker – o ur gab

Mouth as gatekeeper, vessel, non-articulator. A vocal record upon which the voice is deliberately absent.

Review: Bosaina – New York April – July 2013 / Two Names Upon The Shore

The mess of life and cinematic narratives.