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Review: Helena Ford – Wir Brauchen Angst. Und Schade

Non-input feedback sculptures. Two hours of taut liminality.

Review: UAN0001


Review: Dakn – too low, too far

Circuitry rendered audible through damage.

Review: Nemeton – Mantra For A Falling Leaf

A polyrhythmic duophonic sequence on a Moog Subharmonicon synthesizer, with a very slow clock, using just intonation.

Review: Laura Luna Castillo – Tuberose

Spaces whirling in their own orbits.

Review: Lars Rynning + Suren Seneviratne – Magnetism

Prismic refractions of alto-clarinet.

Review: pantea – Things

Vague electronic encapsulators. Blurry miscellanea. Contradictions growing in size.

Review: Babe, Terror – Horizogon

Disparate spaces in amalgam. Bleary-headed sickness.

Review: Ryoko Akama – Grey (Gray)

A contemplation on “a colour without colour”, with performances by Bonnie Jones (electronics) and Rodolphe Loubatière (snare drum).

Review: Kirill – Ah

Pounding, hissing distorted techno from Belarus.