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Ongoing: dTHEd – Hyperbeatz vol. 1

4: A record intended for the AI-augmented listener?

Ongoing: Burning Axis – S/T

4: Whispers of a mythic history.

Ongoing: Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond – S/T

4: Beneath the placid waterfall.

Ongoing: Shiva Feshareki – New Forms

4: Cataloguing tactics.

Ongoing: Liz Meredith – Repro

3: Shuddering accordion bellows.

Ongoing: Nkisi – 7 Directions

4: Tumbling and persistent utterances.

Ongoing: Forest Management – Passageways

3: The power of insinuation and whisper.

Ongoing: Louise Vind Nielsen – This Tape Machine Destroys Time n​.​11

3: “Ha” is a deliberately vague assertion.

Ongoing: Me, Claudius – Good Diz, Bad Bird

4: Chaos on the toy factory assembly line.

Ongoing: Tendencyitis – AA0020

2: Gathering wounds in each ear canal.