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Review: J. Pavone String Ensemble – Brick And Mortar

Unity and its deliberate undoing. Two violins, two violas.

Review: Mára – Here Behold Your Own

The emergence of a new self. The shedding of superfluity.

Review: Aseptic Stir – Year Of Detachment

A flock of spotlights upon the body.

Review: Chow Mwng – Bo Rane

Acoustic guitar, voice and other. The improvisatory leakage of a mind in neutral.

Review: Hüma Utku – Gnosis

A duality between earthly impact and ancient residue.

Review: Bureau Berlin – High-Time Seizure

An improvisatory avalanche of saxophone, bass, electronics, percussion…whatever happens to be at hand.

Review: Belly Full Of Stars – brokendatapool

A refuge for the wounded.

Review: Six Microphones – S/T

The amplification of circumstance.

Ongoing: R. Elizabeth – Every And All We Voyage On

1: Finding purpose and losing it again.

Ongoing: Mariam Rezaei – BLUD

2: The harp as guttural source.