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Review: Yair Etziony – Deliverance

Grey shapes in different choreographies. Awaiting liberation.

Review: Sharon Gal – Delicious Fish

Body, spirit and cyclical process.

Review: Eric Chenaux – Slowly Paradise

Guitar and voice. Honey pooling across uneven surfaces.

Review: Sam Price – Rubicon

Drums and electronics as one. Tangled wiring and restricted movement.

Review: Mech – Sub-Clouds

Soft throbs of dub. A stagnating mist.

Review: OOAME – Milanese Nwas

Artificial wildlife. Upending an infinite crate of colour and chime.

Review: Plinter – Gino

The farts, hallucinations and passing of a young cat.

Review: Obasquiat – Strugatsky

A crateful of improvisation and collage, experienced through the lens of the bass guitar.

Review: Erik Levander – Couesnon

Vintage clarinet dispersed across weather systems.

Review: Mazut – Atlas

Cold, hard beats. Chaos getting the better of rhythmic regimen.