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Review: Wild Anima – Blue Twenty-Two

A voice, an echo, a loop pedal. Intermingling harmonies and mantric plumes.

Review: Paul Nataraj – You Sound Like A Broken Record

Vinyl records inscribed with intimate memories, then used as the source material for a set of crackling rhythmic collage.

Review: Morten Poulsen – Aerodynamics

A vivid simulation of aircraft noise, created using hand-made synthesisers and guitar pedal FX.

Review: Laura Cannell – Simultaneous Flight Movement

Early Music teased away from the stave, in a series of one-take improvisations for overbowed fiddle and double recorder.

Review: Siavash Amini + Matt Finney – Familial Rot

Small phrases expanded into fully-fledged melancholic haunts, courtesy of spoken word artist Matt Finney and sound artist Siavash Amini.

Review: Norwell – Grasslands

Extracts of a dense and vibrant kosmische eternity.

Review: Porya Hatami – Phone To Logos

A collection of unreleased tracks from the Iranian sound artist. The tracing of a chronology that wasn’t.

Review: Modelbau – Judder

Two pieces of compositional stillness, forcefully hauled through the passage of time.

Review: Meridian Brothers – El Advenimiento Del Castillo Mujer

Bleating clarinets, spindles of plucked strings and clunky mallet percussion prop up little clusters of abstract folk. Originally released in 2006, rightfully repressed on Discrepant.

Review: Stuart Chalmers – Imaginary Musicks Vol. 5

Lonely tape extracts brought into rhythmic and atmospheric unity.