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Review: A-Sun Amissa – The Gatherer

Empty panoramas of improvisational intimacy.

Review: Jessica Moss – Pools Of Light

Tempest and internal dialogue, as painted with refracted strokes of voice and violin.

Review: Markus Mehr – Dyschronia

Collages that tumble out of circadian shape.

Review: Philip Sulidae – Appropriated Field Recordings From Temporary Data Sources

Field recording from within an unnamed open world computer game.

Review: Burnt Dot – Constant Ballet

Brass and synthesiser in fiery dialogue, placed upon the plinth of silence.

Review: No One – 9

Nascent gathering of gaseous tone, throbbing with the gentle dissonances of friction and accident

Review: Derek Piotr – Forest People Pop

A pop scaffolding of bone and digital pixel.

Review: Julien Bayle – Void Propagate

Repellent forces and molecular ripple.

Review: Dominic Lash Quartet – Extremophile

Theatrical staggering, feigned teetering, false tottering. Improvisation for drums, contrabass, guitar and woodwind.

Review: Gustavo Torres + J.-P. Caron – ~Ø

The needle and the tape. An ode to analogue fidelity and compounded imperfection.