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Review: Jessica Pavone – Silent Spills

Simple gestures for viola and FX. An ode to the nourishment of the present tense.

Review: Lärmshutz – Sleepcycles

Loose, often drowsy improvisation from Utrecht, using graphical representations of sleep measurements as a score.

Review: Dan O’Connor – IN/EX

17 short trumpet pieces exploring all the potential pathways of breath.

Review: Franck Vigroux – Rapport sur le Désordre

Industry, biomechanics, ubiquity. An ode to technological extremity.

Review: Tse Tse Fly – Easy Listening Volume One

A compilation of curious and wonderful sound art from across the Middle East, curated by Dubai-centred sound art collective, Tse Tse Fly.

Review: Exhaustion/Wanders – II

Shell-shocked improvisation from Australian trio Exhaustion, in collaboration with saxophonist Kris Wanders.

Review: Sly & The Family Drone – Appetite For Tax Deduction

Noises that wither and die of their own accord. An exercise in hopelessness.

Review: Bourgeois Speedball – Red Threads

The sounds of protest and subverted sampling, dangled carefully from the scaffold of danceable beats.

Review: Hypnopazūzu – Create Christ, Sailor Boy

A symphonious record of eternal flow and terrible fate, by the new duo of David Tibet and Youth.

Review: Hans Tammen – Deus Ex Machina

Sabotaged certainties and computer seizure – a series of live performances for Tammen’s self-made “Endangered Guitar”.