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Review: William Ryan Fritch – Clean War

Songs of rich orchestration and confessional grandeur, forced to fight through the mud of tape decay.

Review: Tutti Harp – Tła

Limbless aquatic dub. Melodic nonchalance.

Review: Sote – Hyper-urban

Dazzling electronic collage from Tehran. Rhythm will find a way to exist, even when starved of conventional resources.

Review: Elif Yalvaç – CloudScapes

Six rare cloud types, painted in sound via vaporous contours of frequency and velocity.

Review: Ordre Etern – Revolució Soterrada

Stifled noise from Barcelona. Strength of mind presses against the weight of civil obedience and bodily fatigue.

Review: The Overtone Ensemble – S/T

Shrill metallic microtones. A restless junction of collision and consequence.

Review: Mammoth Ulthana – Particular Factors

Earthly percussive resonances, puppeteered by the higher self.

Review: Brian Case – Tense Nature

12 petri dish specimens of slowly mutating loop.

Review: Architeuthis Rex – Stilbon Is Dead

A teetering tower of drone, rhythm and insatiable curiosity.

Review: Juan Antonio Nieto + Metek – Umber

Painting landscapes with different shades of emptiness.