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Review: Architeuthis Rex – Stilbon Is Dead

A teetering tower of drone, rhythm and insatiable curiosity.

Review: Juan Antonio Nieto + Metek – Umber

Painting landscapes with different shades of emptiness.

Review: MJ Guider – Precious Systems

Beautiful songs for drum machine, bass guitar and voice, shrouded in echoes of grit and irrefutable truth.

Review: Jeph Jerman – 34°111’3″N 111°95’4″W

Stale air, loose panels, rusted blades. The Slovakian artist visits an abandoned windmill in Lucenec.

Review: Bjarni Gunnarsson – Paths

The thrill of unforeseeable turns and ruptures in progress.

Review: Braeyden Jae – Fog Mirror

Smothering distortion and overlapping harmonics. The chaos will cleanse you.

Review: H Takahashi – Body Trip

Electronic bubbles, staccato loops and Sunday harmonics.

Review: Larkian – Iterations : alterations

Guitar loops blossom into waterfalls of distortion. Insignificant actions act as the foundations for panoramic event.

Review: Eluvium – False Readings On

Choral voices muffled by time erosion; wading through the fog of misremembering.

Review: Three Free Radicals – Diary Of A Left-Handed Sleepwalker

Guitar improvisations arranged into patterns of potential meaning, courtesy of American electroacoustician Scott Miller and Estonian guitarist Mart Soo.