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Review: Hifiklub – Mayol

Ascension and disappearance. A 45-minute improvisatory collaboration with Scanner, featuring the din of a French rugby match.

Review: Sarah Rasines – Tommy Hilfiger

Accordion, hob, electronics, gone. There’s no time.

Review: Razen – Endrhymes

A fire drill folding in on itself. Future-gazing electronics and archaic instrumentation in collision.

Review: Ekin Fil – Being Near

Songs of dejection and dissipated optimism. Disappearing within the echo.

Review: Le Cable De Feu – Firewire

Collages of ugly friction and stifling heat by Olivier Meyer, Laurent Berger and Aymeric De Tapol.

Review: Emiliano Romanelli – Tabulatura (Volume 1)

16 guitar recordings, custom computer software, sculptural stillness.

Review: William Ryan Fritch – Clean War

Songs of rich orchestration and confessional grandeur, forced to fight through the mud of tape decay.

Review: Tutti Harp – Tła

Limbless aquatic dub. Melodic nonchalance.

Review: Sote – Hyper-urban

Dazzling electronic collage from Tehran. Rhythm will find a way to exist, even when starved of conventional resources.

Review: Elif Yalvaç – CloudScapes

Six rare cloud types, painted in sound via vaporous contours of frequency and velocity.