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Review: Miguel A. García + Seijiro Murayama – Zashomon

Sudden percussive epiphany. Deliberate interjections of electronics. Eternally redressed equilibrium.

Review: Off World – 1

A silhouette escaping the illumination of misfired understanding. Not an album of Wild Western retro-synthesiser jams.

Review: Benjamin Finger – Ghost Figures

Life returns to an old abandoned piano. Melodies press through the resistance of stiff joints and withered muscle fibre.

Review: Kentin Jivek – No Age

Bleak folk songs in three languages, navigating landscapes of regret and imminent collapse.

Review: Chromesthetic – S/T

An over-saturation of psychedelic overdrive. Listening and channelling, channelling and listening.

Review: Rough Fields + YTAC + Youryourholiholinessness – EISHAUS4

Techno in freefall / subzero /refuge / prismic death.

Review: Vapor Lanes – Hieratic Teen

A space travel fiction arising from the overlap between creative willpower and digital pretending.

Review: Billy Gomberg – Slight At That Contact

Tentative distortion and electronics. A process of unfurling and awakening.

Review: Finglebone – Sunlit Plumes Of Dust

Pastoral folk improvisation and smears of darkness, in a ceaseless sway between here and gone.

Review: Jean-Sébastien Truchy – Transmission In An Expanse Of Firelight, Hear Me!

Space-time scrunched up like a napkin, in two extended pieces of semantic-shedding collage.