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Review: Danny Clay – Stills

Tape loops of pianos and strings, dissolving into the act of over-cherishing.

Review: Teruyuki Nobuchika – Still Air

Ambient orchestration. The tales of a mind in transit to elsewhere.

Review: Unruly Milk – Spilaggges

A record scavenged from lo-fi corrosion and wonky recordings, courtesy of Joe Thompson (Hey Colossus, Henry Blacker) and Kek (Hacker Farm, Ice Bird Spiral).

Review: Tasos Stamou – Koura

Extended drones for zither and chord organ. An eternally evolving effort to understand.

Review: Benjamin Nelson – First

A negotiation between gradual adjustment and perceptual reframing.

Review: Blank Disc Trio + Ex You – Split

Two different improvisatory odes to the art of almost, courtesy of Russia’s spina!rec.

Review: Solar Maximum: Soundtrack Event I: Uranian Fire

Bass guitars, drum machines, repetition. Rock ‘n’ roll stripped from the clutter of semantics and direction.

Review: Ben McElroy – Bird-Stone

Folk improvisation in the cosy serenity of major key. The contradictory relationship between nature and humankind.

Review: Camila De Laborde – Opuntia

DIY circuitry and volatile interconnections. The debut EP of Camila Fuchs’ solo project.

Review: RenĂ© Aquarius – Blight

Hallucinations and colliding resonances, in an album generated exclusively from drums, cymbals and equalisation.