Archive for February, 2010

Review: Kyle Bobby Dunn – A Young Person’s Guide To…

Gorgeous double disc of delicately crafted minimalism from New York.

Interview: Gavin Bryars

A chat with the ever-brilliant composer Gavin Bryars about his recent piano concerto with Ralph Von Raat, his compositional process and his music in the performance environment.

Interview: Keith Kenniff

A few questions with Portland-based Keith Kenniff, who creates music under the solo projects Helios and Goldmund, as well as collaborating with his wife Hollie in Mint Julep.

Review: Ken Camden – Lethargy & Repercussion

Top-notch debut release from another impressive new face on the Kranky roster.

Review: Skullflower – Strange Keys To Untune Gods’ Firmament

Two mighty discs of vile noise from Matthew Bower & Co.

Review: Michael Gira – I Am Not Insane

An exciting preview of Swans’ first studio album in 12 years.

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