Archive for June, 2010

Review: Autechre – Move of Ten

More new Autechre arrives out of nowhere.

Review: Godflesh – Streetcleaner (Re-mastered)

Brilliant new mix of an iconic album in extreme music.

Interview: All Time Low Productions

Music Editor Jack chats to Tom Relleen – founder of All Time Low Productions – ahead of Oren Ambarchi and Philip Jeck’s performance at Corsica Studios on July 1st.

Review: Male – German For Shark

Another delightful slab of sound from the Other Electricities label.

Live: Quadratura Interpret “The Monotone Symphony” by Yves Klein @ GV Art, 01/03/2010

Audio/Visual Art duo Quadratura deliver their version of Yves Klein’s “Monotone Symphony” for its 50th Anniversary, performed at the GV Art Gallery in London.

Retrospective: Isis (1997 – 2010)

With the LA six-piece recently announcing their split, Music Editor Jack Chuter presents a brief review of the five full-lengths released throughout their thirteen-year career.

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