Archive for July, 2010

Review: Matt Stevens – Ghost

Second full-length from UK DIY composer – a collection of inseparable, focused ideas from a definite talent.

Interview: Simon Lomax

Ambient composer Simon Lomax (formerly under the guise of Maitreya) talks about reigniting the Council of Nine record label and the upcoming release of his new album, “Zone of Cold”.

Review: Swans – My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky

The phenomenal return of Swans.

Review: Boduf Songs – This Alone Above All Else in Spite of Everything

Kranky signing Matthew Sweet returns with eight introverted compositions for his fourth album under “Boduf Songs”.

Interview: Matthew Cooper (Eluvium)

Portland-based Matthew Cooper talks about his first headlining tour, his most recent Eluvium release and the various projects to come.

Interview: Magnus Birgersson (Solar Fields)

A few questions with multi-instrumentalist and electronic music composer Magnus Birgersson – aka Solar Fields.

Live: Oren Ambarchi, Philip Jeck, Elite Barbarian @ Corsica Studios, 01/07/10

A phenomenal night of experimental music at London’s Corsica Studios venue.

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