Archive for January, 2011

Preview: Phill Niblock @ London Cafe Oto, 17/02/11

A short introduction to the music of Phill Niblock ahead of his rare UK appearance at Cafe Oto next month.

Review: Æthenor – En Form For Blå

Top-notch gloomy improv from members of Ulver and Sunn 0))).

Review: Tholen – Neuropol

A dark ambient exploration into the fictional city of Neuropol, in Tholen’s second offering on Cyclic Law.

Review: Luciano Maggiore + Francesco fuzz Brasini – Chàsm Achanés

Two experimental musicians from Bologna create a gorgeously cavernous droneworld for the Boring Machines label.

Review: Pan American – For Waiting, For Chasing

2006 album of Mark Nelson’s electronic-acoustic ambient project gets a deserved re-issue.

Review: Martin A. Smith – Salt

Contemplative, location-inspired ambience from the audial side of arts duo Quadratura.

Feature: Jack’s Albums of 2010

In no particular order, Music Editor Jack presents his five favourite records of 2010. Likely to change by tomorrow.

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