Archive for April, 2011

Review: Gangpol & Mit – The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club

Bizarre new work from French “digital pop” duo.

Review: Kyle Bobby Dunn – Ways of Meaning

New York composer delivers more reverberant ambience in a brand new full-length.

Review: Bong – Beyond Ancient Space

Droney psychedelia from Newcastle, soon to be released on Ritual Productions.

Review: Terra Tenebrosa – The Tunnels

Truly twisted debut album from an enigmatic Swedish trio.

Live: Earth, Beak>, Sabbath Assembly @ London Scala, 12/04/11

Carlson & co head over to the UK to showcase new material and a new live line-up.

Review: Aidan Baker + Thisquietarmy – Orange

The 2006 collaboration between Aidan Baker and Eric Quach (aka Thisquietarmy), remastered and extended.

Review: Stephen Vitiello & Machinefabriek – Birds In A Box

Two renowned sound artists collaborate for a fascinating experiment on Nuun Records.

Review: Enablers – Blown Realms And Stalled Explosions

Intricate and jammed-out spoken word rock from San Francisco.

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