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Live: Eliane Radigue (L’île re-Sonante) @ St Stephen Walbrook, 25/06/11

The closing night of Sound And Music’s glorious two-week retrospective.

Review: Eliane Radigue – Transamorem Transmortem

An early synthesiser work from the highly influential French composer.

Review: Ramesses – Chrome Pineal

New mini album from the UK doom outfit, including three brand new compositions.

Review: Winter – Into Darkness

Death/doom metal gem from 1990 gets a re-release.

Review: Benjamin Finger – For You, Sleepsleeper

Bewildered and broken ambient electronica from one half of Beneva vs. Clark Nova.

Review: Kogumaza – S/T

Psychedelic jams from Nottingham in the latest release on Low Point.

Review: Richard Chartier – Transparency (Performance)

An endlessly captivating account of a brand new work utilising the Grand Tonometer, performed at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington.

Review: Infinite Light, Ltd – S/T

Brand new collaboration between Mat Sweet (Boduf Songs), Aidan Baker (Nadja) and Nathan Amundson (Rivulets).

Review: Oikos – Ecotono

Cold and expansive soundscapes from a Spanish duo on Utech.

Interview: Alan Morse Davies

The Hong Kong-based composer talks about his latest 3-hour work, Svalbard.

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