Archive for September, 2011

Review: Sol Rezza – SPIT

Stimulating new sound work from an Argentian sound artist.

Review: Harley Gaber – In Memoriam 2010

Final work of the late Chicago-born composer, dedicated to Nancy Epstein.

Review: Absent Without Leave – ‘Neath the Tumbling Stars

Greek guitarist George Mastrokostas presents his fluid post-rock/ambient blend.

Review: PopeWAFFEN – S/T

Madcap improvisation from five multi-instrumentalists.

Review: Omega Massif – Karpatia

Brand new album from the heavy instrumental outfit, which follows 2007’s “Geigerstadt”.

Review: Premonition Factory – The Sense of Time

Real time ambient improvisations from the Netherlands’ Sjaak Overgaauw.

Review: Ekca Liena – Slow Music for Rapid Eye Movement

Daniel Mackenzie (aka Ekca Liena) sees his 2008 debut LP released on Dead Pilot.

Review: Ghédalia Tazartès – Repas Froid

An ever-engrossing (and initially bewildering) audio collage from a French artist.

Review: Anna Rose Carter + Pleq – My Piano Is Broken

Collaborative EP between a Welsh pianist and a Polish ambient composer.

Review: Ezramo – come ho imparato a volare

Brand new work from the Berlin-based sound artist and composer, in only the second album to be released on Corvo Records.

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