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Review: Heinali + Matt Finney – Ain’t No Night

Spoken word “doomgaze” from this continent-crossing collaboration.

Review: Steve Roden – Proximities

Minimalist sculptor Donald Judd is the primary inspiration for Roden’s latest sound work.

Review: Caretaker/Undersmile – Split

Energetic “post-metal” collapses into ominous gloom in this split from southern England.

Live: Supersonic Festival 2011 Diary (@ The Custard Factory in Birmingham, 21-23/10/11)

Another edition of Birmingham’s annual experimental music festival. 21 of the bands and artists on display fell under the critiquing eye of ATTN.

Review: signalsundertests – Mecca

Collaborative musician Ricky Graham collects up his finest cuts from 2010.

Review: Pleq + Marihiko Hara – The Dawn Came Behind The Fog

Now sold out, but a very good instalment of Twisted Tree Line’s “postcard” series.

Interview: John Richards (Dirty Electronics)

Nick Zurlo offers his contribution to the SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL PREVIEW – an interview with John Richards of Dirty Electronics, whose reputed build-your-own workshop will no doubt be a festival highlight.

Interview: Tremoro Tarantura

The calamitously noisy duo from Norway talk about their upcoming album “Avaleeches”, and playing their music at “inhuman volumes”.

Review: Morkobot – Morbo

Italian trio expand on their bass-driven math rock for their fourth full-length.

Review: Tom Johnson – Orgelpark Color Chart

One note shared across multiple octaves and four organs, in a live recording from May 2010 at Amsterdam’s Orgelpark.

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