Archive for December, 2011

Review: Heatsick – Intersex

Steven Warwick presents four tracks of dance-infused psychedelia, using guitar loops and a keyboard.

Review: Craig Colorusso – Sun Boxes

Solar powered speakers create a harmonious space for listener immersion, in this new installation by Craig Colorusso.

Interview: Nathan Amundson (Rivulets)

Following the recent release of “We’re Fucked” on Important Records, Nathan Amundson (aka Rivulets) talks about the record’s themes and the writing process behind it.

Review: Aidan Baker – The Spectrum of Distraction

The Canadian composer presents a work of 98 track fragments, designed for random play.

Review: Ben Fleury-Steiner – The Places that Find You

Guitars and electronics are mashed into bitcrushed soundscapes in the latest full length by the Delaware-based composer.

Feature: The Book Report Series

As the Kindle and the iPod refashion our interaction with books and albums, The Book Report series – devised by Wist Rec – offers both a chance to go hand-in-hand into the irreversible demise of the physical product.

Review: Scissors and Sellotape – For the Tired and Ill at Ease

John McCaffrey presents a selection of sombre piano sketches recorded in a church.

Review: Leonardo Rosado – Mute Words

Poetry and music combine in Rosado’s first full length on Heart and Soul.

Review: Manuel Zurria – Loops4ever

Music from Giacinto Scelsi, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros and Terry Riley is reworked for flute and electronics, as part of Zurria’s research in the musical significance of loops and drones.

Review: thisquietarmy – Resurgence

Spacey, guitar-centric jams in Eric Quach’s long-awaited new full-length.

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