Archive for January, 2012

Review: Will Long – Rosy Reflections

Soft ambient emissions in this sold out cassette edition from Avant Archive.

Review: John Wiese – Seven of Wands

Claustrophobic noise collages from an elusive LA sound artist.

Review: He Died While Hunting – We Used To Dream Awake

Playfully gentle indie pop from Belgium, released on Tripostal and Totokoko.

Interview: Eli Keszler

The NY composer/multi-instrumentalist provides an insight into his “Cold Pin” installation – in which piano strings are placed along walls and set into vibratory life through motorised devices – ahead of his performance at PAN Festival at Cafe Oto this week.

Review: The Beautiful Schizophonic + Yui Onodera – Night Blossom

Night time dreamscapes of space and nature are brought to life by this three-piece ambient collective.

Review: Eyvind Kang – The Narrow Garden

Vibrant emotional contrasts rise up from within Baroque, Middle Eastern and Classical influences in Kang’s new work on Ipecac.

Review: Kleefstra + Pruiksma + Kleefstra – Deislieper

Three Dutch improvisers lay poised in a state of quiet, in a new release on Hibernate.

Review: Josh Preston – Exchanges 1-4

A brief EP of cold mechanism and communicative electronics, laced with the lightest essence of organic warmth.

Review: Eli Keszler – Cold Pin

Top-notch installation work from the New York composer and artist.

Review: My Cat is an Alien – Living on the Invisible Line

The Opalio brothers retreat once more to their Alien Zone in the Western Alps to produce a work of contemplative acoustic fingerpicking and dazzling synthesiser kaleidoscopes.

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