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Live: Maja Ratkje + Ikue Mori, John Wiese + Evan Parker @ Cafe Oto

Rapid fire improvisation from two of experimental music’s most intriguing figures.

Interview: Ikue Mori

With her collaborative dates alongside Maja Ratkje commencing tonight, laptop improviser Ikue Mori talks to ATTN.

Review: AUN – Phantom Ghost

Following the imposing darkness of “Black Pyramid”, AUN stagger out into light and liberation.

Review: Marco Panella – In the Age of Batteries

Panella’s follow up to 2010’s “Eastern Landscapes” sees him gather rhythmic momentum and rise cautiously out of slumber.

Interview: Justin Broadrick

A mammoth interview regarding Broadrick’s upcoming record as JK Flesh, along with speculation as to the future music of Godflesh and Jesu.

Exhibition: Graham Dunning – For Posterity @ SoundFjord, 15/03/12 – 21/04/12

SoundFjord gallery present the new exhibition by Graham Dunning, founded on a gem of a discovery at a car boot sale.

Interview: Maja S. K. Ratkje

In the run up to her live collaboration with Ikue Mori, Norweigan performer/composer Maja Ratkje talks about collaboration, experimental music and vocal limits.

Review: Rivulets – Yearlings

Lo-fi acoustic sketches from Nathan Amundson, recorded prior to his recent “We’re Fucked” full length.

Interview: Daniel Menche

The prolific “sound dramatist” talks about his album “Guts”, which involves the violent dissection of an old piano.

Review: Adrian Anioł – Arrhythmia OST

A Polish composer and sound designer presents his soundtrack to James Hartley’s film “Arrhythmia”.

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