Archive for March, 2012

Interview: Trevor Shelley-de Brauw (Pelican, Chord)

Guitarist of instrumental outfit Pelican discusses the band’s brand new EP (Ataraxia/Taraxis) and the upcoming European tour, as well as disclosing a few details of an upcoming full-length by Chord.

Review: France Jobin – Valence

A Montreal-based sound artist presents three tranquil drone spaces, built entirely from field recordings.

Interview: Dylan Carlson (Earth)

Prior to a stellar performance at London’s Union Chapel, Dylan Carlson spoke to ATTN about the live environment, his upcoming solo project and the latest Earth record.

Review: Philip Blackburn – Ghostly Psalms

Three new works – one of which a 50-minute dream sequence – from the UK sound artist and composer.

Review: Pulseve – Magnet

Bass and drums battle and dance in a half-hour EP of rhythmic dazzle.

Review: South Of No North – Octopussies Liquor Store

Two improv jams provoke an eerie aquatic underworld, in a new release on Humpty Dumpty records.

Review: A Whisper In The Noise – To Forget

Murmured melancholy drips out of guitar, strings, piano, voice and light percussion, in the fourth full-length from West Thordson.

Review: Gultskra Artikler – Abtu Anet

The Moscow sound artist comes home again, following the otherworldly escapism of Galaktika.