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Film Review: Fuck You – Fucking Noise In China Now

Guy-Marc Hinant and Dominique Lohle capture interviews and performances of China’s most prominent noisemakers.

Review: Om – Advaitic Songs

The bass/drum duo rectify the awkward onward step of their previous full-length, “God Is Good”.

Review: Tomas Gris – Clarifications Of The Concept Of Object

Micro-scale improvisation for sax, harps, cassette and “various objects”.

Review: Zbeen – K-frame

A new project of Gianluca Favron and Ennio Mazzo, exploring the evocation of physics via audio.

Live: Meshuggah + Animals As Leaders + We Are Knuckle Dragger @ HMV Forum in London, 20/04/12

Having reclaimed their stellar reputation with new album “Koloss”, the Swedish metal band prove their live performance is of an equally daunting standard.

Review: Liberez – The Letter

Ominous drones and noise comprise Liberez’s straightjacket of sound, in their debut release on Alter.

Review: Genus Inkasso – Occasionally Slumping, Smiling Weakly

A tangled mash of electronics, live drums and an eclectic array of sonic others, released for free on naboamusic.

Review: Jeremy Haladyna – Mayan Time Mayan Tales

Maya culture inspires a new work by Jeremy Haladyna; his second on Innova.

Review: Good Weather For An Airstrike – Underneath The Stars

Soft ambience of electronics and field recordings, courtesy of Hampshire’s Tom Honey.

Review: Birchall/Cheetham Duo – Tipping Point

Stumbling improvisation between guitar and drums, which proves to be jittery in its vocabulary but assured in its direction.

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