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Review: ada – Extended Transmissions

SoundFjord present the debut release of the Visible Near Midnight record label.

Interview: Ufomammut

ATTN catch Italy’s Ufomammut before they hit the stage to perform the 90-minutes of ORO (comprised of the recent Opus: Primum and the upcoming Opus: Alter) in one monolithic sitting.

Review: Gareth Davis + Frances-Marie Uitii – Gramercy

Cavernous collaboration between a prolific clarinetist and a virtuoso cellist.

Interview: Helen Frosi (SOUND//SPACE)

The founder of SoundFjord (the UK’s only sonic arts gallery and research unit) presents SOUND//SPACE: an independent record store and “multifaceted arts project” currently residing at the V22 space in London.

Review: Celer – Tightrope

Will Long recounts a visit to Tokyo in 2010 via a swirling 70-minute composition.

Review: Axel Dörner + Jassem Hindi – Waterkil

Tiny details and jagged shapes collide in this new collaborative effort on Corvo.

Review: Ben Vida – esstends-esstends-esstends

Vida presents five pieces for computer controlled modular synthesiser that turn the limitations of stereo space into mush.

Live: A Whisper In The Noise + Max Bondi + Quinta @ Cafe Oto, 16/05/12

The Minnesota duo bring their pretty music to Dalston’s favourite experimental music cafe.

Review: KTL – V

Peter Rehberg and Stephen O’Malley take their project back to its roots in theatrical soundtrack.

Review: Sun Hammer – A Dream In Blood

Jay Bodley places himself at the mercy of chance in five soundscapes of both delicate and reckless development.

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