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Review: Akatombo – False Positives

A multi-genre inundation of sound with a heart of dance, courtesy of an ex-pat Scotsman based in Japan.

Live: Bruce Nauman’s Days + SOUNDWORKS @ ICA in London, 19/06/12 – 16/09/12

A pair of new works at the ICA: one an immersive walk-in installation, the other a digital sound art library.

Review: Australasia – Sin4tr4

An instrumental blend of post-rock and metal, with the occasional leaps into electronica and field recording.

Review: Isnaj Dui – Abstracts On Solitude

London-based sound artist Katie English evokes a meditative immersion of flutes, electronics and dulcimers.

Live: Supernormal Festival @ Brazier’s Park in Oxfordshire, 10-12/08/12

ATTN takes a weekend away in Brazier’s Park, Oxfordshire for all kinds of artistic events and sonic unusuals.

Review: Pleq + Lüüp – The Redemption Bells EP

Pleq founds a desolate landscape within which Lüüp’s flutes can slink and meditate, in a new 20-minute piece on Wist Rec.

Review: Mika Vainio + Kevin Drumm + Axel Dörner + Lucio Capece – Venexia

After several live appearances together, four experimental heavyweights find eachother’s company again for a new collaborative effort on PAN.

Review: Loopool – Notation Improvisations II

Loopool seeks to vanish into arbitration in the second instalment of his “Notation Improvisations” series.

Review: Scott Miller + Carla Rees – Devices And Desires

Flutes and electronics a carefully and sparingly applied to the canvas in a new improv collab.

Review: Cinchel – Stereo Stasis

Three delicately constructed droneworks from Chicago.

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