Archive for October, 2012

Review: The Horse Loom – S/T

Steve Malley presents his eight-song debut as The Horse Loom, placing his virtuosic guitar playing within the context of brittle folk.

Review: Jessica Bailiff – At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky

A surprisingly gritty and weighty handling of the ethereal, and Bailiff’s first record in over six years.

Review: Florian Hecker – Chimerization

An experimental libretto finds itself merged with Hecker’s hand of obscuration and distortion, in a new work presented in three languages.

Live: Ed Atkins – Us Dead Talk Love @ Chisenhale Gallery, London, 28/10/12

London’s Ed Atkins presents an installation of two channel HD video and 5.1 surround sound.

Review: SRFélix – S/T

A gentle selection of ambient sketches on My Little Cab, both intimate and emotionally withheld.

Review: David Newlyn – The Misspelled Numbers

Murky nostalgic recollections via piano, strings and found sound relics, in a new mini CD on Wist Rec.

Review: Schemawound – They Want To Make Your Body Move. I Want To Hold You Perfectly Still.

Jonathan Siemasko explores the magnification of small events in his second album as Schemawound.

Review: Philip Corner – For Dancers In France

Beautiful three way dialogues between player, environment and a carefully-chosen selection of percussion.

Review: Roland Etzin – TransMongolian

Six sonic portraits composed of recordings during Etzin’s travels between Russia and Japan.

Review: Pillowdiver – Cassette Recordings

A simple combination of guitar, FX pedals and a cassette four-track form the basis of the latest efforts by René Margraff.

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