Archive for October, 2012

Review: Tim Olive + Alfredo Costa Monteiro – 33 Bays

A visceral duet between one-string guitar and electro acoustic devices, recorded without overdubs in Kyoto back in 2009.

Review: Fescal – Moods & Views

An extra-long track separated into two co-dependent halves, beautifully presented in a hand-assembled CD package of Chinese string, gold leaf paper and aromatic oils.

Review: Sun Hammer + Radere – Lotophagen

Two friends, label mates and consistently interesting soundmakers document a period of departure and change in their lives.

Review: Chihei Hatakeyama – Norma

Japanese label Small Fragments puts out its debut release: a record of typically soothing soundscapes by Chihei Hatakeyama.

Review: Celer – Epicentral Examples Of The More Or Less

Tokyo-based Will Long tips between field recording, movie dialogue and his trademark ambience in a new work on Future Sequence.

Review: David Kechley – Colliding Objects

A collection of percussively/rhythmically-centric works composed over the past 30 years.

Interview: Russell Haswell

Ahead of an audio/visual performance at South London Gallery next month, nO!semaker Russell Haswell talks to ATTN about 80s black metal shows and the release of his new full length, FACTUAL.