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Review: Goves – A Creche For The Lonely And Peculiar

Larry Goves merges the sounds of real spaces with the sounds of the imaginary, in a Slip Discs release that see-saws between the two.

Review: Contact Group Of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise – Election USA 2012: A Sound Reaction

An online community of experimental artists produce a compilation in response to the 2012 US Elections.

Review: Map 165 – The Fatigue Of Sunlight And Wine

The debut record from Martin A. Smith and Tim Hooper, marrying the sounds of Tarascon in France with their own dynamic form of ambient music.

Review: The Rainbow Body – Return Unto Void

A brand new cassette album from Matt Kattman, exploring the void as a place of bliss and ecstasy.

Live: Cage Rattling #2 – Echo Of Nothing @ Kings Palace, London, 05/11/2011

Dylan Nyoukis (Chocolate Monk/Color Out Of Space) curate a programme of performances demonstrating the influence of Cage on non-musicians.

Review: Action Beat – The Condition

Bletchey’s dual-drum noise attack throws itself ungracefully over four sides of vinyl in a new album for 2012.

Review: 900piesek + rbnx – Prague Bratislava

Two European cities play host to two different forms of improvised noise, in a new split on Pan Y Rosas.

Review: Dead Wood – Forest

Guitar, feedback and static in lo-fi from Dorset’s Adam Baker, in a new release on We’re Gonna Get Fucking Drunk Tonight Boys.

Review: Erdem Helvacioglu + Ulrich Mertin – Planet X

Apocalyptic sci-fi founds the basis of gloomy narrative of strings, electronics and guitarviol.

Review: Nadja – Dagdrøm

Jesus Lizard’s Mac McNeilly joins the Nadja duo to inject live drums into their texture-thick, kaleidoscopic doom music.

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