Archive for December, 2012

Review: Gabriel Saloman – Adhere

The former Yellow Swans member puts out a new solo work on Miasmah.

Review: Darryl Burke Mahoney – Untitled

A limited cassette on Komino, capturing the ghost of industry lingering in Mahoney’s hometow of Lachine in Quebec.

Interview: Cult Of Luna

Guitarist vocalist Johannes Persson talks about the band’s new album “Vertikal”, which takes its inspiration from the stylings of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”.

Review: Jay-Dea Lopez – Systemic Collapse

A new release on Impulsive Habitat, comprised of unprepared field recordings from Australia.

Review: PJE – Permanent Memory

A beautiful melt of string drones and misplaced found sounds, in the latest outing by Phil Edwards.

Review: Herbert Deutsch – From Moog To Mac

A collection of works spanning three decades, tracking the creative pursuits of one of the Moog sythesiser’s key innovative forces.

Feature: Review Of 2012

ATTN looks back at a year of sonic experience.

Review: Øe – Transfer

Fabio Perletta explores the increasing empathy between man and robots, in a new outing on Murmur Records.

Review: Luca Nasciuti – Vanishing Point

Two new pieces explore Nasciuti’s journey back to his hometown, and subsequently exhibit the fleeting temporality of joyous resolve.

Review: Richard Chartier – Recurrence

The electronic sound artist re-works a composition from 2000 (entitled Series), driven by a desire to render the work “performable” in the live setting.

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