Archive for January, 2013

Review: Bruno Sanfilippo – Piano Textures 3

Eight tracks of serene piano improvisation on ad21 music.

Review: Art Of Burning Water – This Disgrace

Nasty, smeared hardcore from West London, in a new release on Riot Season.

Review: Petals – Where Textus Became Textus, And How I Operated Within

A brand new 40-minute piece of factory noise murk on We’re Gonna Get Fucking Drunk Tonight Boys.

Review: Northumbria – S/T

Two former members of Holoscene emit a gloriously vast wall of improvised sound.

Review: Banabila + Machinefabriek – S/T

A fast-moving remote collaboration between Michel Banabila and Rutger Zuydervelt,

Review: John Aulich – Suite 001: For Kazimierz

John Aulich’s first major release utilises electronics and found sounds to channel the war stories of his late grandfather, Kazimierz Aulich.

Review: Zbeen – Stasis

Gianluca Favaron and Ennio Mazzon expand on the algebraic concept underpinning previous EP “K-Frame” in two extended pieces.

Review: Tiny Leaves – What We Dream Of

Joel Nathaniel Pike precedes his upcoming full length with a brand new EP, complete with remixes by Zvuku and Message To Bears.

Review: Lawrence English – Songs Of The Living And The Lived In

Two collections of English’s field recordings, captured during the past 15 years of extensive world-wide travel.

Review: Holly Hunt – Year One

“Instru-metal” duo from Florida celebrate their first year of existence with a debut LP.

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