Archive for February, 2013

Review: William Basinski + Richard Chartier – Aurora Liminalis

The second collaboration between the two sound artists, taking the form of a beautiful 44-minute composition.

Record: Circuit Breaker – Cairn

Awkward fusions of guitar, drums, vox and electronics from a London two-piece.

Review: Derek Piotr – Raj

The Polish-born composer self-releases his third full-length, expanding on his own mysterious adoption of electronic dance music.

Review: Koboku Senju – Joining The Queue To Become One Of Those Ordinary Ghosts

A live recording of the improvisatory quintet, new on MIE.

Review: tmymtur – Yusei

A work of 5000 vocal layers and supersonic frequencies.

Review: Decoy And Joe McPhee – Spontaneous Combustion

An explosive improvised set recorded at Cafe Oto in 2011, and the second release on OTOroku.

Review: Robert Stillman And The Archaic Future Players – Station Wagon Interior Perspective (A Requiem For John Fahey)

An old photo of the late guitarist John Fahey inspires a new four-movement suite by Stillman and his accompanying Archaic Future Players.

Review: The Volume Settings Folder – Ivan Hoe And Other Tales

A bunch of old cassette tapes form the basis of a bleak, lo-fi trawl through guitar and synthesiser drones.

Review: Sebastiane Hegarty – Southerlies

The Winchester-based sound artists navigates through old ships and beautiful cathedrals, in a new work on Gruenrekorder.

Review: Xambuca – カムィ

An Asheville-based A/V collective release an album inspired by the indigenous Ainu people of Northern Japan.

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