Archive for March, 2013

Review: Perry Frank – Music To Disappear

A release focusing on the transportative powers of music, breaching chillout and rock in doing so.

Review: Old Komm – Ventspils EP

Inspired by the port city of Ventspils, the industrial-tinged Russian duo re-activate their musical pursuits.

Review: Mohalabonga – Psychic Voyages

Home-recorded electro funk paves the way for various intriguing deviations, in a new release on Je M’apelle Monsieur Poubelle.

Interview: Helm

Prior to his collaboration with visual artist Charles Atlas at the Tate’s Tanks, Luke Younger talks to ATTN about playing live, new album plans and running a record label.

Review: Micromelancolié + Sindre Bjerga ‎– Prayer Calls

Sindre Bjerga and Robert Skrzyński (aka Micromelancolié) present three extended pieces for gently guided electronics, field recordings and unanswered intercom communication.

Review: GREYGHOST – Memoirs Of Dementia

Womblike ambience cradles the listener in a new cassette on Constellation Tatsu.

Interview: BugBrand

Following last month’s show supporting Keith Fullerton Whitman at Arnolfini, Bristol’s Tom Bugs talks to ATTN about DIY electronics, modular synthesis and performing live.

Review: Ashley Paul – Line The Clouds

Torturously poised songs and improvisation on Brooklyn’s REL records.

Review: B/B/S/ – Brick Mask

A collaboration between Aidan Baker, Erik Skodvin and Andrea Belfi, resulting in 40 minutes of improvisation on Miasmah.

Review: Fossils – What A Drag

Noise oozes out the folds of twisted tape in a new cassette on Mantile.

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