Archive for April, 2013

Review: Jeremiah Cymerman – Sky Burial

An “amplified quartet” of Nate Wooley, Peter Evans, Matt Bauder and Jeremiah Cymerman.

Review: Params – Hydrogen Black

Gentle, low-key electronics, influenced by ocean sound surveillance systems.

Review: Superlith – Plasma Clusters

Circuit-bent casio keyboards and trombone strike an unlikely, yet stimulating, partnership.

Review: Javier – Expresión / Abstracción

Self-released techno from Barcelona, conjuring mental images of concrete bunkers and run-down clubs.

Review: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay – Elegy For Bangalore

The result of an artist’s residency in Bangalore, and an accompaniment piece to the audio-visual installation work, Eye Contact With The City.

Review: Endless Melancholy – Five Songs

Five semi-improvised piano pieces recorded in the space of a week.

Review: Liz Christine – Sweet Mellow Cat

Exploratory and romantic collage with a feline core, in a new release on Flau.

Review: Tom Jackson + Benedict Taylor – Songs From Badly-Lit Rooms

Two improvisers take their musical conversations into a variety of gloomy rooms, in a new release on Squib Box.

Review: Bad Guys – S/T

A party-drenching swirl of sludge, hardcore and psychedelia on Riot Season.

Review: Pjusk – Tele

New music on Glacial Movements, taking the label’s chilly ambient aesthetic to a cabin in the Norwegian mountains.

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