Archive for May, 2013

Review: Simon Lomax – Zone Of Cold

The English composer sheds the Maitreya moniker to deliver his first album in nine years.

Review: Mary Lattimore – The Withdrawing Room

Harpist Mary Lattimore exhibits the beauty of subtle asymmetry.

Review: Gaspar Claus – Jo Ha Kyu

The Parisian cellist gathers some of Japan’s most notorious musicians (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M and many more) for session in a Tokyo studio.

Review: Minneapolis Guitar Quartet – Thrum

Four composers put the quartet in a variety of different guises, in a collection that showcases their technical talent and malleability.

Review: Nicolas Wiese – Living Theory Without Anecdotes

New sounds on Corvo, teasing the vibrations of found sounds, chimes, strings and more into unnatural harmonies and decays.

Review: Philippe Lamy – Drop Diary

Philippe Lamy becomes the next artist to enter Mystery Sea’s liquid thematic.

Review: Florent Colautti – NanoM+ / Untitled#ºº

Solo CD-R from a Parisian composer and architect graduate, consisting of two extended pieces of drone and mishap.

Review: Rangda + Dead C – Split

Fluid improvisation meets ugly sheets of noise, in a coming together of two well-versed names in experimental music.

Review: Svarte Greiner – Black Tie

Two long pieces by Erik K. Skodvin take ATTN through sansaric transition and weightlessness.

Review: Bad Suburban Nightmare + Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – Split

Uncompromising solitude and social saturation meet head on, in a new split on Armed Within Movement.

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