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Review: Katsura Mouri + Tim Olive – Various Histories

A searingly hot day in Kyoto sets up an improvised collaboration with thick, claustrophobic results.

Live: Supernormal Festival @ Brazier’s Park in Oxfordshire, 09-11/08/13

A rambling, picture-packed diary of ATTN’s second Supernormal experience.

Review: Takeshi Nishimoto – Lavandula

Solo guitar from a classically-trained player and electronic composer, embellished with a host of decorative and collaborative brushstrokes.

Review: Yannick Frank + Craig Hilton – Flowers For L.P.

A sonic translation of Jacques Rigaut’s dada-tinged writings, in a 42-minute piece that is rich in sensation and ethereal in shape.

Review: Steel Hook Prostheses – The Empirics Guild

Filthy distortion and intimidating industry combine in a new release on Malignant.

Review: Tom McKinney – TMK

Musical roles become blurred and tangled, in a new Slip Discs work for three composers and a solo guitar performer.

Review: Rashad Becker – Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I

“Synthetic” music of moist and tangible form, in a new release on PAN.

Review: The Body – Christs, Redeemers

A record of choral winds and thick amplifier vibration from duo Chip King and Lee Buford.

Review: Richard Youngs – Summer Through My Mind

The British nomad stumbles into his next temporary home: the twang and solace of country music.

Interview: Ghost Fuck

Furthering our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Lizzy Maries of Ghost Fuck zine discusses the medium, her motives and Supernormal’s 48-hour zine-making project.

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