Archive for September, 2013

Review: Arovane – Ve Palor

Uwe Zahn makes a long-awaited return as Arovane, with an album started back in 2002.

Review: Total Life – Radiator

Kevin Doria manipulates ideas of meditation and intensity over two 20-minute drone pieces.

Interview: That Fucking Tank

With the upcoming release of “A Document Of The Last Set” – a studio recording of That Fucking Tank’s current live playlist, commemorating their 10th anniversary – guitarist Andy Abbot talks about what the band has been and what it may become.

Review: Stave – Reform

An “exercise in precision and spatialisation”, courtesy of Chicago’s Jonathan Krohn.

Review: MooM – Retarded Memory

A spontaneous recording by a duo in suburban Israel, intent on exploring new modes of self-expression.

Review: Be My Friend In Exile – The Silence, The Darkness

Miguel Gomes crafts a paper-thin cocoon away from anxiety and self-reflection.

Review: Monochromie – Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep

Post-rock partially liberated from the constraints of shape, in a new album on Fluttery Records.

Review: Denton / Watson – Latencies

Four improvised electronic compositions, formed from remote / simultaneous collaborations.

Review: Ikebana – When You Arrive There

Vaporous songs from a Japanese duo, oozing out on exhaled breaths.

Interview: Oren Ambarchi

Ahead of his appearance at this year’s TUSK FESTIVAL – including a solo set and a collaborative performance with Neil Campbell and Mick Flower – Oren Ambarchi talks to ATTN about his future plans, the creative process and the records currently occupying his turntable.

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