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Review: Circuit Breaker – Grid

More detuned strums and laser guns from South-East London.

Live: Cut Hands + Container + Blood Music + Black Amiga @ The Island in Bristol, 22/11/2013

The latest BUNKER club night swamps abandoned subterranean police cells with incessant rhythm and noise.

Review: Atom Eye – The Otolith Sessions

A playful, panoramic exploration of tape processing by Elsie Martins and a handful of collaborators.

Review: – These Walls Resemble Absence

Rui Almeida proves himself an adept acousmatic puppeteer, in an instinctive observation of sonic potential.

Interview: Sam Underwood (If Wet, ORE)

Sam discusses the finale fundraiser that will round off the first season of If Wet – a monthly “show and tell for sound artists / musicians” at Callow End village hall – as well as the impending activities of his tuba doom outift, ORE.

Review: Nate Wooley – Seven Storey Mountain III + IV

Two further culminations of meditative ecstasy from Nate Wooley, along with C Spencer Yeh, Chris Corsano, David Grubbs and more.

Review: Kevin Hufnagel – Ashland

The Gorguts / Dysrhythmia guitarist indulges in the nuances of ukulele monologue.

Live: Enablers + Sweet Williams @ The Dalston Victoria in London, 13/11/2013

Fervor and narrative billow out into a sweltering Dalston Victoria as Enablers return to London.

Review: Circuit Des Yeux – Overdue

Haley Fohr exhibits the friction between external majesty and inner turmoil.

Review: BLK w/Bear – The Final Mapping Of New Constellations

A record spawned entirely out of a remix of Last Harbour’s “The Stars Look Down”, and the first ever release on Little Crackd Rabbit.

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