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Review: Ex-Easter Island Head – Mallet Guitars Three

The third installment in the Liverpudlian ensemble’s “Mallet Guitars” series, recorded in an ex-nursing home.

Review: Richard Moult + David Colohan – Hexameron

Spiritually inquisitive collaboration from two members of United Bible Studies.

Live: Mike Majikowski + Seiji Morimoto + Piotr Tkacz + Frank Gratkowski @ 38 Flughafenstrasse in Berlin, 13/12/2013

ATTN takes its first venture overseas for an evening curated by Quiet Cue in Berlin.

Review: Domnitch + Gelfand + CoH + Prudence + Lopez + Tietchens – Liquified Sky

Sound art finds a wonderful visual counterpart in the marvels of quantum behaviour.

Review: Spandril – 22/7

Two 14-minute pieces of looped decay and dimming synthesiser ember.

Review: kajkyt – II

A mundane transcendence of ritual and concrete.

Review: The Living Earth Show – High Art

The guitar and percussion duo beckon everything from stalled blues to math metal collapse, in a new outing on Innova.

Live: Breaking The Mirror Of Silence: Yiorgis Sakellariou + Robbie Judkins + Howie Lee @ Angus-Hughes Gallery in London, 30/11/2013

Three students of MA Sound Arts at London College of Communication exhibit the fruits of their labours.

Review: 20.SV – The Great Sonic Wave

A congregation of micro-sampled metallic collision results in a disorientating half-hour piece by Osman Arabi.

Review: Larry Goves + Matthew Welton / Laurie Tompkins + Sam Quill – Virtual Airport / SHUCK!

Dislocated composition and radio play sit back-to-back.

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