Archive for January, 2014

Review: Krokofant – S/T

A versatile record from a Nordic trio, with right-angles of rock melting in fluid, loose-limbed gradients of free jazz.

Review: Swefn – Varities Of Anomalous Experience

Ian Watson indulges in the near-communication of analogue electronics, in a new release on hairdryer excommunication.

Review: Talk West – Canyon Lip

Two improvisations for guitar, synths, field recordings and percussion.

Review: Aymeric De Tapol РM̩ridiens

A roadtrip across Mali and Senegal, captured on dictaphone.

Feature: Sound On The Edge Of Sleep

A rambling observation of listening and semi-consciousness.

Review: Amnertia – Spider Hashish

A 3″ CD of alien exhales and intangible unknowns, inspired by Max Leonard Hitchings’ short story “Lumen”.

Review: Oikos – Vigilia

Thick guitar drones birth ritualistic mystery, in the group’s Knockturne debut.

Live: The New Experimentalists @ Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, 14/01/2014

The shortlist for The Arts Foundation Award evoke an eclectic freeze-frame of contemporary and experimental music: Jennifer Walshe, Richard Skelton, Rie Nakajima and Lina Lapelyte.

Review: Bly De Blyant – Hindsight Bias

Three-way improvisation and quick-footed composition, traversing the vast “rock music” blanket.

Live: Richard Youngs + Eric Chenaux @ Cafe Oto In London, 11/01/2014

A quiet and engrossed Cafe Oto plays host to two artists orbiting the sphere of singer/songwriter.

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