Archive for January, 2014

Review: Hanetration – Timelapse

Train window transience and accidental sonic coalescence, in another free download by Hanetration.

Review: Mothlite – Máthair

Pop music of nebula haze and sliding walls by Daniel O’Sullivan, released on Kscope.

Review: Steve Hilmy + Daniel Barbiero – Take A Sound. Do Something To It. Do Something Else To It.

A turbulent exaggeration of double bass improvisation on Pan Y Rosas.

Review: Dąbrowski Sorey Duo – Steps

A fluid meeting of trumpet and drums, graceful and calculated.

Review: Black Dirt Oak – Wawayanda Patent

Members of Pelt, No Neck Blues Band, Desert Heat and more lose themselves in a faraway logic.

Review: Posset – Goose Shat Silver Dollars

A patchwork of tape noise and dictaphone archival document, released on Mantile.

Review: The Truth About Frank – The Carrion EP

The music of nightmare and in-betweens, released on LYF recordings.

Feature: Review Of 2013

ATTN looks back on another year in sound.

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