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Review: Glottalstop – Woodsmoke

Thoughts and memories evade placement, in a new project from Oliver Barrett (Petrels).

Live: Multipletap @ Cafe Oto in London, 23/02/2014

Cafe Oto plays host to an eclectic, chaotic congregation of the Japanese avant garde.

Review: France Jobin – The Illusion Of Infinitesimal

The minimalist composer presents a work that tilts between my perceptual radius and another dimension of listening.

Review: Sun Araw – Belomancie

Bubbling rainbow sound from Cameron Stallones.

Review: Toby Driver + Timba Harris + Russell Greenberg – Ichneumonidae

The convulsive, off balance soundtrack to an upcoming dance film produced by Toby Driver.

Review: Jeremiah Cymerman – Pale Horse

Frictional, confined improvisation for a clarinet/cello/drum trio.

Review: Henry Blacker – Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings

Loose, dehydrated rock ‘n’ roll on Riot Season.

Interview: Rie Nakajima

Following her performance as part of The New Experimentalists at Southbank – and just an hour prior to winning The Arts Foundation grant at the 2014 awards – Rie Nakajima spoke to ATTN about performance context, audience reaction and sculptural sound.

Live: Current 93 + Shirley Collins + MacGillivray @ Union Chapel in London, 08/02/2014

A 10-strong lineup celebrates the release of C93’s new album, “I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell”.

Review: The Ceramic Hobs – Spirit World Circle Jerk

Anaerobic punk competes with a world constantly rattling and screaming around it.

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