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Interview: Nathaniel Mann

Rounding off his artist residency alongside Oxford Contemporary Music and Pitt Rivers Museum, Nathaniel Mann prepares for a finale performance entitled “Rough Music”, featuring a piece composed for custom bronze meat cleavers. ATTN finds out about his 18 months at the museum, his work with Dead Rat Orchestra and the process behind instrument invention.

Review: Francisco López – Presque Tout (Quiet Pieces: 1997 – 2013)

A seven-hour collection recorded over the past 20 years, and a tour across the perimeter of audibility.

Review: Nicolas Wise + mise_en_scene – Introjection

A file-swapping collaboration paints the point at which the digital leaks over the corporeal.

Review: Mortal Morning – The Lost Line

Michael Gardiner presents an EP comprised entirely of train sounds, reshaping familiar form until only essence remains.

Review: Eric Thielemans – Sprang

Clumsy steps and deep listening, in a new percussive workout on Miasmah.

Review: A.R.C. Soundtracks – Archive: Volume One

“Dead end” music on Little Crackd Rabbit, built upon final words and degraded signal.

Review: Ashlar – St James’ Gardens

Wil Bolton and Phil Edwards pair up suburban park life with pylons of drone.

Interview: 20.SV

Following the release of “The Great Sonic Wave”, Osman Arabi talks to ATTN about the physicality of sculptural sound, the affection of landscape and the experience of working with Alan Dubin (Gnaw, Khanate).

Review: Chris Campbell – Things You Already Know

A turbulent and majestic exercise in realising an inner music, harnessing all the discord in the translation from concept to corporealisation.

Review: Sketches For Albinos – Fireworks And The Dead City Radio

Matthew Collings melts into the loose narratives of half-memory and shoegaze.

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