Archive for March, 2014

Review: Anne Guthrie – Codiaeum Variegatum

Strings and horns coil around landscapes of autumn and industry, in a new work on Students Of Decay.

Review: Kay Hill – Cold Title

The third release on ANTI, and a foregrounding of accident and by-product.

Review: Bast – Spectres

The first work on Black Bow, and one that alternates between distortion black matter and psychedelic weightlessness.

Review: My Cat Is An Alien – PSYCHO-SYSTEM

A new six-CD set by the Opalio brothers, and an extreme magnification of psychological adjustments in hue.

Review: Derek Piotr – Tempatempat

The Polish sound artist weaves coherence and momentum from a fabric of jagged dissociation.

Review: Adrian Knight – Cheap Love

Bedroom soul from a pixelated dancefloor lothario.