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Interview: Sly & The Family Drone

With the revival of SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL now imminent, ATTN talks to Matt Cargill from Hampshire’s Sly & The Family Drone to discuss sonic physicality, crowd participation and their involvement in the festival itself.

Review: Chester Hawkins – Semisolids

The implication of danger and imminent change haunts a record that otherwise lingers in a retro-future stasis, as the figure behind Blue Sausage Infant emerges under his own name.

Interview: France Jobin

The Montreal-based artist/composer/curator guides ATTN through the experience of her unique “Immersound” event series, and discusses the gravitation toward quieter sonic constructions in her own work.

Review: Prolonged Version – All Watched Over by Machines with Neurotic Disorders

Achromatic colours and unpleasant rotary motors, in an album by London’s James Shearman and Charlie Wheatley.

Review: North Atlantic Drift + Northumbria – Split

Mortality swallowed up and reborn within the void of winter, courtesy of two codependent orchestrators of guitars and electronics.

Review: Cræsher – [π]oise

“Self-incestuous noise inception” by Marc Urselli, released in a gorgeous laser-engraved bamboo box.

Review: Sound Reasons – Epiphany

A compilation curated by Sound Reasons, gathering artists from the label’s roster and festival lineups.

Review: Vittoria Fleet – Acht

The Berlin-based duo take to tumbling hillsides of springtime pop and boneless bio-electronics.

Live: Noxagt + MoE + Aiming For Enrike @ Cafe Blitz in Oslo, Norway, 10/05/2014

Temporal states, drab habit and muscle failure, in an intense show at Cafe Blitz.

Review: Rudimentary Peni – Death Church

Breathless punk and snarled, grotesque disbelief, in the band’s re-issued debut long player from 1983.

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