Archive for May, 2014

Interview: Amenra

Ahead of their set at BEYOND THE REDSHIFT festival this weekend (curated by Cult Of Luna), Colin H. Van Eeckhout discusses the invincibility within live performance and the importance of vulnerability.

Review: Danny Norbury – Light In August

Strings and piano exchange modern classical gestures of thick, emotional strain, in a re-issue of Norbury’s debut album on Flau.

Review: Thomas Ankersmit – Figueroa Terrace

The sensation of being tugged backward through lights and organic danger, constructed with Serge analogue modular synthesizers and contact mic.

Review: Stine Janvin Motland – In Labour

An album of field recording and solo voice in dialogue, rich in interior reverberation and social disruption.

Review: Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble – Intergalactic Beings

A fluid, jazz-centric narrative of inner conflict, ghostly dissipation and astral transformation, from a past president of Chicago’s AACM.