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Review: Fire! Orchestra – Enter

A swaggering, four-part work of jazz muscle, pendulum momentum and sudden escapes.

Interview: Field Sports

To continue our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Matthew Lovett talks about post-sonic improv and fuzzy humans in the context of Field Sports: an improvisatory trio completed by Ian Watson and Jimmy Ottley.

Review: Concrete/Field – A Theory Of Psychic Geography

Semi-solid holograms of gooey, three-dimensional electronics, hung in a stasis of queasy equilibrium.

Interview: Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

In the first part of our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols discuss their multi-sensory, three-dimensional installation/performance, “Conduit Of The Bottomless Submundane”.

Review: Janek Schaefer – Lay-by Lullaby

An album based on recordings of the M3 motorway, and an observation of its illusionary eternity.

Review: Luke Lund – Lost And Found

A three-hour collection completed in a single month, built upon forgotten track sketches from the past four years.

Review: Gog – S/T

Michael Bjella bends back the mechanisms within piano and drums, in a turbulent demonstration of the agony within primal transformation.

Review: Silk Dune – Systemic Crevice

Eric Frye pursues the static algebraic patterns within the fluidity of bird modulation, in a record that blurs the line between organic impulse and calculation.

Review: Yann Novak – Snowfall

A stereo adaption of Novak’s durational audio-visual performance presented at Human Resources in Los Angeles, and a wonderful sonic handling of temperature and sensory disconnection.

Review: Sister Overdrive – The Shape Of Failures Past

Sound college of haphazard necessity, in a new album by Athens’ Yannis Kotsonis.

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