Archive for August, 2014

Review: Juan Carlos Vasquez – Collages

Sonic portraits of several classical composers, digitally bloomed from solo performances of their original works.


ATTN’s third venture around Oxfordshire’s finest tribute to all varieties of extremity and peripheral creative thought.

Review: Infinite Particles – The Great Common Task

Improvised drones from Reading, residing in the gap between solid objects.

Review: Reagan’s Polyp – America Needs More Ass

A blown raspberry atop a premise of pure punk, originally released in 2001.

Review: Seth Cluett – Forms Of Forgetting

Forgetting as a device of movement and replacement, in a mutative hanging sculpture of tone and rounded feedback.

Review: Blakkr Nið – Holy Hellfire

Tranquility engulfed in heat and light, in a fleeting 3-track EP by Peter McNestry.

Interview: Knifedoutofexistence

Following the release of “Immaturity Of Movement”, Dean Lloyd Robinson-Saunders talks to ATTN about inner Gods, the cleanse of live performance and the development of KOOE since its conception two years ago.

Review: Osman Arabi – Destroying Symmetry

A one-take document of subconscious guitar improvisation on The Tapeworm.

Review: Loren Chasse – Characters At The Water Margin

A documented dialogue of the meeting point between ocean, river and rainforest.

Review: ZED aka Bernard Szajner – Visions Of Dune

A drift down the mesmeric synthesiser cylinder of inward thought and physical limitation, reissued from 1979.

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