Archive for October, 2014

Review: Mohammad – Lamnè Gastama

A study of the geographical area between 34°Ν – 42°Ν & 19°Ε – 29°Ε, fenced off by serrated drones of contrabass, synthesiser and cello.

Review: Cyril M. – Diffraction

Improvisation for guitars, objects and voices, from church conjurings to staccato dialogues in a small room.

Review: Sophie Cooper – Our Aquarius

Warm, fingerplucked songs that bulge with an indulgence in beautiful excess and cherished chance.

Review: Full Of Hell & Merzbow – S/T

Grindcore on both a human and planetary scale, laid to waste and reborn.

Interview: Lutine

The Brighton duo talk about their connection to folk music, the eeriness of microtonal harmony and the launch of their debut album, “White Flowers”.

Review: Point Detractor – Demo 2014

A bad marriage of electronics, punk and theatre, which all seems to work out in the end.

Review: Andrew Henry – Salvation

A new 38-minute piece on Zenapolæ: tunnels of fondly forgotten memory and broken drones.

Review: Spectrical – Emergent Forms

An hour-long composition, comprised entirely of electronic signals from household appliances and objects.

Review: We Will Fail – Verstörung 2.0

A continuation/re-calibration of Aleksandra Grünholz’s Verstörung record: an impassable grid of machine-regulated techno.

Review: Ff – Ffeeling

Violent and mis-communicative synthesiser collage, both psychedelic and physically nauseating.

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